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Never Work A Day In Your Life.

Let’s Design is a colorful boutique studio consisting of talented professionals with individual expertise in various fields of visual communications. We all come from different cultures and educational backgrounds, creating a beautiful symbiosis of diversity, creativity and authenticity. Together we provide vast theoretical knowledge along with extensive practical experience. Our team ethics and fully-rounded approach towards design are our engine for this exciting beautiful journey.

Nadia Ornstein

+ Owner + Creative Director + a Visionary

Having two incredible artists as parents, I grew up in the visual communications world. Aesthetics and creativity are in my nature and an essential part of who I am. Great design requires thinking outside of the box and breaking paradigms on a daily basis. But mostly, it is based on the ability to connect with people and to have a deep understanding of human behavior. One of the things I love most about my work at Let’s Design, is the opportunity to meet so many inspiring visionaries and to familiarize with different worlds and businesses. I’m grateful to be able to help so many people fulfill their dreams and visions.

Degrees & Certifications
#Positive Psychology CS #BA Visual Communications #UX | UI Certificate Studies #MA Intagrated Design



I feel lucky to be able to use my creative talents at the service of others. Living and studying in New York for many years, I worked in museums helping to create educational initiatives which bridge the gap between art, design and the world around us. 
I moved to Israel to pursue a masters degree in curratorial studies. My interdisciplinary approach to design is about make deliberate and conscious contribution as a creative. Ultimately, it is important to me that the world we live in, and the daily communities we are a part of, look and feel their best. A world engaged in creative pursuits through design is a more efficient problem solver, better communicator, and a happier place. Who doesn’t want that?

Degrees & Certifications
#BA Political Studies #BA Communication Design #MA Policy and Theory of Contemporary Art

Christina Shein

+ Art Director + Brand Designer + Awesome

I spent my life discovering the world by trial and error. I’m a curious and adventurous person who cherishes beauty and design. It is this curiosity which lead me to pursue careers in different creative fields. From TV production in New York, Munich and Berlin, PR and Art-Teaching, to owning a fashion agency. Each path further deepened my creative profile, leading me to my true passion - visual communications. Ultimately, finding my perfect place at Let’s Design. I am very grateful that through my work as a designer I can enter new spheres with every project. Whether it’s created by mother nature or by humans, I find design to be a deeply mysterious and fascinating universal phenomenon that never fails to cheer me up.

Degrees & Certifications
#BA Fine Arts & Media #BA American & British Studies #MA Teaching Fine Arts & English #Web Design CS